The Story:
In a time before Linkin Park made it big, there was a void in the name of a missing bassist. Distraught but unable to search for themselves, the band hires help. Enter LPAMAN: A silent-but-deadly agent with an unknown past and the ability to throw fire. Hot fire. From his hands. Upon finding his first lead, LPAMAN soon realizes the greater conspiracy behind the bassist's disappearance...

The Game:
The play style is a hybrid of Super Mario platforming meets Mega Man combat with a little adventure thrown in, which help boast a strong emphasis of tactile combat and platforming elements. LPAMAN will traverse land, water and a couple obscure locations as he battles to find the missing Phoenix. Utilizing a unique firing system, LPAMAN goes further than simply being a shoot-em-up or a Mario clone, forcing players to learn, adapt and utilize all skills and knowledge. With a very old-school difficulty and diverse Worlds for LPAMAN to travel through, this game asks the players, “Just how much do you want to save Phoenix, the bassist from Linkin Park?!”

LPAMAN & The Missing Phoenix has been built from the ground up to be a completely unique experience and features not only customized graphics specifically drawn for the game, but also boasts a large soundtrack composed specifically for the game as well. LPAMAN & The Missing Phoenix will be available only on PC. Mac support is not foreseeable (it's out of our hands). There is currently no scheduled release date. As production gets closer to completion, more details will be released.